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We are immensely proud to carry forward the legacy of excellence as one of the top beauty and hair salon in raipur, boasting over 34 years of unwavering commitment in the beauty industry. Our impact runs deep, and our objective is to maintain the principles that make Amantran synonymous with enhancing beauty and happiness.

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Best salon in Raipur : Where Beauty Meets Wellness!

Welcome to Amantran Luxury, the epitome of lavishness, the best beauty salon in Raipur's beauty and salon industry. Mrs. Vibha Tiwari started it all with a big dream, and now her daughter, Mrs. Kriti Sharma, is keeping that dream alive. With 30+ years of making people beautiful and three branches around town, Amantran is the go-to spot for all your salon services in Raipur.

Our newly launched super posh unisex salon, where everyone gets the VIP treatment with unparalleled luxury and extraordinary services. Join us at Amantran Luxury – where classic charm meets modern glam, ensuring each visit is a special treat for you!

Our Expertise

Crafting timeless beauty with expert hands: Amantran Luxury, where skin, hair, and bridal allure flourish effortlessly.

Hair Treatment

Eradicate all hair issues at the best hair salon in raipur for beautiful, healthy hair

Skin Treatment

Eliminate all skin issues and achieve radiant skin.

Bridal Makeup

Radiate stunning expertise on your big day from the top beauty salon in raipur.